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Sponsorships for Local Events, Causes & Organizations

The Self Storage Company Local Sponsorship Program

Self Storage Company believes that responsible businesses support their local communities.

Sponsorship Application Guidelines

1. Sponsorships are available for community and charitable events, causes and organizations. Some examples are food pantries, clothing donation centers, sports programs for young people, libraries and community events.
2. The event, cause or organization must be not for profit.
3. The organization must have a public website so that Self Storage Company can verify the application.

How to Request a Sponsorship

Send your request to sponsorships@selfstorageco.com. Make sure it includes
1. A brief description of your organization, cause or event.
2. Your main URL.
3. The amount you are requesting.
4. Name, title and contact information for the person requesting sponsorship.
5. URL of the web page where sponsors and benefactors are listed.

Stay tuned for more information.
You can suggest something for any of our programs by contacting us at art@selfstorageco.com.