Make Yourself Green

Make Yourself Green.

Why We Care about Green Practices

Make Yourself Green is a streamlined and no cost program for supporting the adoption of sustainability practices. It focuses on four key areas that have the most impact for self storage operations.

  • Energy Usage
  • Water Usage
  • Recycling and Paper Usage
  • Cleaning and Disposal

The world population is rapidly expanding, but the planet has a fixed amount of natural resources. Reducing our footprint through green practices helps preserve water, fuel, air and a good standard of living for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Conservation, re-use and re-cycling save resources and make for a healthier world. It's easy, and it's the right thing to do.

Top Ten Business Reasons to Make Yourself Green

1. Get more business from customers wanting to utilize a green facility. Studies show that consumers increasingly seek to do business with green businesses.
2. Reduce your operating costs and improve profitability. Energy and water conservation lower energy bills, thereby improving your profitability once the payback period on any infrastructure investments has been met.
3. Improve your customer retention because of an enhanced reputation with your customers as well as a specific reason for your customers to renew.
4. Stand out among the crowd and differentiate your facility from the competition.
5. Create additional and attractive marketing points and messages that provide prospects with yet another reason to choose your facility.
6. Enhance your image in your community, which can lead to word-of-mouth referrals.
7. Provide a morale boost for your employees because they are part of a forward thinking and acting businesses.
8. Increase walk-in traffic. Local residents will come to your site to drop off recycling and/or utilize your shredder on "shredder days".
9. Garner free publicity and identification as a green business through Self Storage Company's marketing programs.
10. It's good for the planet, which means it is good for you and your community.

Make Yourself Green - Program Materials

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